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Nurtech FFXI open server 75 cap

Servername: --server

Welcome to Nurtech final fantasy XI open server. This is the place to play FFXI online with Nurtech boosts, explore everything up to WOTG expansion at 75 cap.

We do not harass or even use the ingame jail system. In Nurtech FFXI, speak your mind and play your style.

Boost 1

Through your Nurtech FFXI account

Level up one job to level 15, then login to your Nurtech FFXI account to boost it to level 75 along with full job specific relic gear and relic weapon.

You also get to choose 8 subjobs that will boost to level 37.

Boost 2

Through your Nurtech FFXI account

Level up a 2nd job to level 75 and get full job specific relic gear along with your job Mythical weapon.

Boost 3

Through your Nurtech FFXI account

After you level up a 3rd job to level 75, you can always use this upgrade to get a full job specific relic gear along with a Mythical weapon.  

Nurtech Server Info

Servername: --server

whatsapp: +353838020320


After you create your character please register for a Nurtech FFXI account to get the following:
1- Nurtech Linkshell
2- Fame boost to max in major cities
3-. Access to Nurtech FFXI Boosts 1,2, and 3

Nurtech FFXI Server Setup:
- Level 75 cap.
- Exp rate x 7
- No exp loss upon death
- Subjob unlocked
- Advanced jobs unlocked (you must do job unlock quest for job specific follow up quests)
- Uncapped Cop areas
- Custom auction house with everything for 2 Gil
- you start with 10,000,000 Gil
- Genkai is set to 75
- All outpost warps
- All maps
- Increased charcater speed
- /heal tic is set to 3 seconds down from 10
- Custom Home area and vendors in Chocobo Circuit
- Nurtech Custom ingame commands